We provide reliable guidance on accreditation standards, survey process, culture of patient safety and how to improve patient care to healthcare leaders and staff.

Our process involves:


Baseline assessment of healthcare facility is done to draw information on building’s operating systems; capital improvement requirements, legal compliances, fire safety, accessibility, and indoor environment quality in respect to health and safety of patient and staff.


We provide guidance through customized meetings or educational workshops, to help you understand the requirements as per standards and to help you develop a standards-driven policy structure.


We help you develop the documents and processes as per the need of your organization and services. Select champions from your organization and guide them to develop review and implement these policies and procedures in your day to day activities. Hence building an in house capacity to achieve and sustain accreditation.

We provide continuous capacity building along with training and development of leaders and staff of your organization by experienced consultants on assessment preparedness and accreditation activities. We guide you to develop various leadership tools by developing committees, indicator capturing & monitoring system, Budget allocation and establishing process for Corrective and Preventive Actions for Continuous Quality Improvement.


Facility safety and emergency preparedness are often overlooked when preparing for accreditation, yet can pose real challenges, especially in older buildings. Let our consultants help you measure your facilities against JCI standards in fire safety, environment of care, emergency preparedness, and other critical areas.


We help you understand more about the assessment tools and formats used by assessment agencies, where your staff will learn how to trace patients, ask the right questions, and identify breakdowns in care. This intensive, hands-on program is ideal for hospitals or health systems requiring instruction in assessment techniques.


We conduct mock assessment prior to your accreditation / certification assessment. This serves as the final checkpoint in evaluating readiness of your facility to face assessment. We simulate the actual assessment process environment and identify gaps in standards compliance, if any. This intensive exercise is an ideal opportunity to engage senior leaders and prepare staff for the actual assessment conducted by assessment agency.


After the assessment, we provide pinpoint support in high-priority areas where you are struggling with compliance. A conventional agenda is developed using a combination of hands-on training, and focused methodology to identify practical solutions.

We provide technical consultancy to Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Medical Imaging Services, Diagnostic centres, Dental facilities, AYUSH facilities, Wellness centres, by making them understand the criteria & standards requirement and in implementing the same through documentation, training and self-assessment process. A quality associate is deployed at healthcare organization for continuous hand-holding and guidance throughout the project.

“Total quality management is a journey, not a destination.”

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