When you are planning a new healthcare facility, there are certain questions which in majority arise in mind:

Question 1: Will the new building meet safety and quality practices?

Question 2: Will we will be compliant to accreditation standards after commissioning and occupancy?

Answer to this frequently asked question is “YES”. Propitious Healthcare Solutions provide a comprehensive guidance for health care organizations to build new facilities—or update current structures—in compliance with the medical excellence practice or recognized accreditation standards with a focus on safe and effective care by allocating appropriate resources, education, communication, and collaboration throughout the process, covering planning, design, construction, and commissioning of a healthcare facility.

Initiating the quality concept right at the design stage; make safety and quality care prime focus. This avoids any alterations in the building plans in future hence eliminating the risk of expensive errors and accreditation delays later.


We have following team for planning and designing a healthcare facility:

Design and Planning Team
  • Hospital Consultant
  • Architect
  • Engineer (for structural, electrical &plumbing)
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Nursing Advisor
  • Specialist from various facilities on honorary basis for suggestions and approval of departmental requirements


Site review:
For identification of need and scope of service (if not already decided) and evaluating compliance to the regulatory mandates.

Designing should facilitate the provision of all health services identified by the HCO through the provision of logical and workable space relationships, and all fi t-out and equipment required

Key design features recommended for facilities include:

  • Appropriate access to the facility
  • Appropriate space for parking, entrance and greenery
  • Hindrance free direct access to emergency department
  • High ceilings (where feasible and appropriate)
  • Windows in waiting and consult areas to provide an external outlook and natural light (still need to ensure privacy)
  • Sufficient consultation rooms and/or partitions to provide privacy to all patient
  • Adequate access to different department for walking as well as aided patient. to provide adequate entrances, exits and circulation for all services to patient on wheelchairs or stretchers
  • Incorporation of infection control practices in designing the high risk areas like OT, HDU, ICU etc
  • Departmental consolidation where ever possible to provide easy access to patients

We involve relevant stakeholders in the design process to ensure facility functionality and to facilitate provision of services. Infrastructure required may include Generator power (as main or emergency power source), Sewerage, Water supply & drainage, Waste management etc.

Key environmental issues are considered during designing process which includes extreme temperatures & humidity, dust, pests (eg. White ants), high rainfall, Stray animals etc. Our engineer’s guide you on material and internal finishes based on environmental suitability, ease of maintenance, longevity and availability. Following factors are considered:-- Extreme temperatures & Humidity

-- Availability of local materials to incorporate in design
-- Appropriateness of materials in terms of transportation to site
--Appropriateness of materials in terms of environmental considerations

We help you to design the facility smoothly even in event of disaster/emergency and adequate safety and security for patients, staff, equipment and supplies

Maintenance plan:
On successful completion of project a comprehensive maintenance plan is chalked down focusing on:

  • How often maintenance activities need to be undertaken
  • Who is responsible for maintenance tasks of each department or hospital as a whole
  • What major maintenance activities can be expected (eg. Repainting, replacement of fi ttings)
  • What equipment, supplies and replacements need to be stored on site to facilitate maintenance activities
  • What strategies will be adopted to address emergent maintenance issues (particularly those requiring supplies, equipment or labour to be transported)
  • What response time can be expected when dealing with emergent issues.

We provide technical consultancy to Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Medical Imaging Services, Diagnostic centres, Dental facilities, AYUSH facilities, Wellness centres, by making them understand the criteria & standards requirement and in implementing the same through documentation, training and self-assessment process. A quality associate is deployed at healthcare organization for continuous hand-holding and guidance throughout the project.

Design creates a culture; Culture shapes value; Value determine the future;
~Roberts .L. Paters

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