Healthcare is a key component in every individual’s life and has direct impact on the enhancement of our life standards. The clinical operation must not be compromised at any level to provide quality and cost effective uniform services to all. Healthcare Providers should be more devoted and focused in providing management based services through well operated clinical services in order to patient centricity, quality treatment and output enrichment.

In a hospital Clinical Operation Excellence can be achieved by installing various concepts including muti-dimensional approach for optimum use of resources leading to expense reduction hence ultimately reducing the cost of treatment to patient at the same time providing quality care. Effective integration of communication technology, skill mix, reducing inefficiencies, reducing invariability has proven to give remarkable result in achieving the same:

Implementation of Clinical Operational Excellence by adopting the right set of policies and technology can ultimately lead to improvements in patient care, staff satisfaction and the hospital management system by increased operating room efficiency and emergency department while maintaining high levels of security and patient privacy. Other issues which could be addressed are:

  • Reduction in patient waiting time through introduction of concepts of management of patient flow, re-organizing layout and right directional guidance to patient etc
  • In an emergency, gaps in communication can mean life or death. We develop tools and empower team members and staff inside and outside the emergency department to connect with each other instantly, improving collaboration, efficiency and patient throughput, and ultimately helping to save lives and increasing emergency department efficiency.
  • Inventory management tools to help prepare right formulary, avoid stock outs and over stocking (near to expiry scenarios), reduction in stock taking time, huge cost savings in inventory carrying costs, etc
  • Five S tool and other advanced operational excellence tools to assist in reducing patient hospital stay duration, bed occupancy improvement, operations theatre utilization reduce OR turnover time, and increase on-time surgery starts and others
  • Developing able workflow capability and eliminating manual process to direct critical and non-urgent alerts with contextual data to the right care team member, saving valuable time, and reducing alarm fatigue ensuring prioritization to critical alarms.
  • Workplace improvement tool to enhance standards of housekeeping and hygiene.
  • Information security and patient privacy are fundamental components of a healthcare environment. Tools and process for ensuring data integrity in order to prevent internal staff from mishandling data. Various tools and processes for healthcare communication solutions that connect physicians, nurses, and staff through information from a single interface for controlled secure exchange of patient data throughout the facility.

We support Healthcare Organization in excelling their clinical operations so as to reduce waste, improve quality and eventually reducing costs by taking multi-dimensional approach for optimum use of resources by engaging experts & clinicians to build internal competencies focusing on sustainability for long run.

“Without changing our patterns of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems that we created with our current patterns of thought.”
~Albert Einstein

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